Monday, February 21, 2011

No Mantle....That means a Holiday Tablescape!

After reading so many different blogs about these amazing mantles that everyone decorates for the different holidays, I was really upset that we do NOT have a mantle.  What is one to do without a mantle??  Decorate your dining room table!

This was my before table....Never liked it, but it was functional

There were 2 main things that came to thought when I decided to do this....First, it had to be CHEAP and it had to be interchangable.  And then my transformed my table into this:

The most expensive piece on this table is the runner...BIG splurge at Target for $17 (Later, I realized I could have cut a piece of burlap and got the same effect)!  A breakdown of the pieces are as follows:
  • Runner - $17
  • Lanterns - $7 each
  • Apothecary jars - $6 each
  • Large Vase - $5 (a clearance bargain!)
  • Branches - $7
  • Vase fillers - $12 (combination of coffee beans from Trader Joes and vase filler from Ikea)

I know that sounds expensive but I am able to switch out the decor every month to match the holiday for under $5 using the dollar aisles at Target and Michaels...To me that is money well spent!

The above picture was for Valentines Day...Below is what I have done for St. Patricks Day

I love it!!!

So many options....hmmmmm

All in all, I absolutely love it and it isn't overkill...Which is good otherwise I don't think I would have had the Mr. on board for this project! 

Stay tuned, I'll post more soon!!!

Jennifer :)

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