Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello??? Are you still there??

I know, I know...I have been kinda "off the map" lately...Well, let's see...It all started with my princess receiving the "Flu" as present from one of her classmates (seriously, it lasted almost a whole week!), then softball started (I am lucky enough to be the princess' T-Ball coach!!), then the horrible disaster in Japan (favorite channels have changed from HGTV to CNN), and lastly the little princesses school project (yep, you guessed it! We have to make a leprechaun trap)...And, well there you have it...LIFE, it happened.

Anywho, even with all this, I still have a few projects in the works and hoping to post the finished products within the next week...OK, so I guess now I HAVE to post them since I just gave them a time line!

1st - Finishing the living room.  Some of my family recently were in Hawaii (of course during the tsunami), and I am waiting for them to get back to finish off the final touches, then the BIG reveal!!

2nd - The Front Porch.  Almost done...I am making some pillows for the bench that is on the porch and then maybe a moss monogram (like the one pictured below) to go above the bench.
Live Moss Letters
(image from Pottery Barn)

3rd - The Patio.  I almost have it completed, but I need to clear out an old, ugly filing cabinet (of course, I have been saying this for MONTHS!) and then I can add just a few finishing touches and it too will be done.

4th  - Our Bedroom.  All I really need is to actually make my new headboard (which I almost have all the supplies for) and it will basically be done :)

5th - Lunch Bags for the Diva and Princess.  I have been asking both girls to bring home their Capri Sun packs so I can use them to make their new lunch bags.  This is a very slow process since it seems that only 1 of 2 come home each day.  Of course, I guess I could just buy a box of Capri Suns for $3 and dump all the juice out, but really...where is the fun in that???

So basically I have started a LOT of room makeovers/crafts in the house and then while the princess was sick, I got sidetrack in blogland and started a gazillion (yes, gazillion) other projects, and still haven't officially completed a single one.

Well, it time to hang up my "Super Procrastinator" cape and get to work!!  Awesome stuff to come...I promise!!

Jennifer :)

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