Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Business...Super Stoked!!!

I didn't think life could get any better.  When I initially lost my job a year ago, after the shock wore off, I settled into life as a stay at home mom.  Being home with my girls, getting involved with their school activities, finding a love for HGTV, and blogging....What more can a girl ask for?? 

As you have seen in my previous posts, I'm in DESPERATE need of a garage if I want to continue all of my projects...So the Mr. said that if I want a garage, I will need a job.  Argh!  We didn't want to put our girls back in daycare and go back to 7 PM dinners, etc, etc. 

BUT... then I found Rodan + Fields Dermatologists!  And after being with them for a short period of time (and I mean short, like less than a week) I am already feeling my life changing!  I am so excited and the companies momentum is contagious!!!

What makes this opportunity with Rodan + Fields so unique and powerful:

Credibility of the Doctors
  • Proven leadership in both the skincare industry and in business --- Stanford trained dermatologists still practicing
  • Legacy of success and strong name brand recognition as the creators of Proactiv
Products that create results
  • Clinically proven - guaranteed results
  • Anti Age industry is a 2.5 billion dollar industry expected to double in next five years
  • What the doctors did for acne, they are now doing for aging skin and sun damage
  • The Doctors purposely chose direct selling as their business model because they are committed to independent business ownership.  They are true entrepreneurs and want to help create successful entrepreneurs
  • 14 million people in the US own a direct selling business and more millionaires are made in this industry than any other
  • Because this is a ground floor opportunity, we are able to take a lead position as we expand across the US, their is power in being first.  Not to mention the momentum we will have when the company goes global
  • The company already has a millionaire and she leads our team and success leaves clues
  • In spite of the recession, Rodan + Fields grew over 400% and paid out more than 3.5 million in commissions in 2009.  Last year the company grew by 1000 % and this year we are breaking all of last year's records.
So far my absolute FAVORITE product is the Anti-age regimen with the AMP MD...Can we say bye-bye botox??

Check out the before and afters

And this....

Anywho, if you are reading this and are interested (which I'm sure you will be!)  Check out my websites!

If your interested in learning more about our Anti-Aging Regmin, visit me here

If you are interested in the business opportunity, visit me here

you can always contact me and I will get back with you asap!

Happy to be wrinkle free!

Jennifer :)

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Decide today how you are going to look tomorrow.  Try a steady diet of intelliget skincare with Anti-Age.

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