Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Houseplant Bowls

I needed to add some greenery to my living room so out came the pottery barn catalog to get some ideas...I absolutely LOVE the way these little plants look!  Not too tall and not too big...The perfect size!

Using the above picture as my inspiration I came up with these (Don't worry, the plant sticks are now removed...Oops!)

How did I make them....Well, that was the easiest part.  In fact, I spent more time googling different ideas then I actually spent making them. 

First I started out with a couple of small house ferns that I picked up at Home Depot for about $2 a piece

Then I went over to Michaels and found these cute little bowls for only $2.99

While I like the size of the bowl with the plant, I didn't like the way the plastic container looked.  My options were to buy potting soil and re-plant the plants in the bowls, or figure out a way to hide them...Since I didn't want to deal with the dirt mess, I decided to cover them up.  I dug through my craft box and found a bag of shells that my girls and I collected at the beach a few years ago and also a little baggy of river rocks.  That settled it!  I picked up one of the bowls, put the plant in the pot inside, and started shoving shells and rocks all along the sides of the pot until it was completely covered.  So easy and sooo cheap!  Total cost was under $6 each!  How awesome is that !!!!

Jennifer :) 

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