Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yay! Another Craigslist find!

Ok, so I say "Yay!" to another craigslist find, but the Mr. isn't quite as excited as's not my fault! Really...It's Design on a Dime's fault! You see, they were redoing a back patio to have a "beachy cottage" feel to it. AND, I thought how perfect would that be for our patio...I could be like a little extension of our family room :) They had found a china hutch, painted it white, distressed it and used it as an outdoor piece of furniture! Why haven't I ever thought about that! So, as you have probably guessed from the title of my post, that is exactly what I bought on Craigslist (insert big, happy, smile here).

So here she is in all her glory for $40

What did I do to her? Well, I used a litte of my beadboard wallpaper (I had been dying to try this out), switched out the leaded glass doors, and painted her white!! 

What happened to the leaded glass you ask?  Well I found some MDF in the clearance section of Home Depot for only $0.60!  Using the leaded glass windows as a template, I jigged out the boards to fit.  then added some beadboard wallpaper and tah-dah! 

More beadboard on the buffett sections

and on the sides


Oh, and for the knobs I used some rope and googled "how to tie a monkey's fist."  A few tutorials and 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy later, I had a set of knobs!  Yay!

So again, the before:

And After

Of course, the glass doors will be saved for another project...I don't know what yet, but I'm sure it will be something absolutely fabulicious!

Jennifer :)

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  1. Beautiful!! I love it.